Design and Planning

Architecture is the art and science of creating optimal, sustainable and beautiful environments for people.

PECL's design solutions result from a collaborative process that encourages our multidisciplinary teams to research alternatives, share knowledge and imagine new ways to solve the challenges of our built environment.

Our architecture responds to the needs and aspirations of our clients and communities. We give form and meaning to rooms, buildings, landscapes and cities, always balancing internal functions with external demands of site, climate and culture.

Though research and analysis are essential, sparks of innovation ignite new discoveries. PECL’s approach emphasizes this integrated design process. Our geographic and cultural diversity expands our knowledge, which we transform into innovative design solutions that create real value

International design practice PECL provides its clients with innovative design solutions that are both functional and inspiring. This is demonstrated by the successful delivery of a range of high profile projects within the commercial workplace, hospitality, mixed-use, education and science sectors.

PECL experts are skilled at leading and executing highly successful, multidisciplinary projects. We use proven methods of coordination and collaboration with strict management of quality, value, schedule and cost. Our engineering and design services range from planning and permitting through preliminary and detailed design to start-up and commissioning for all types of projects. Our worldwide engineering and design expertise is unparalleled